One has to know the market in order to assess it

With a textile competence of approximately 20 years, we offer you the perfect basis for having your fabrics professionally examined. In addition, we assess and inspect the fabrics and finished articles. This saves you time and costs, and guarantees you the knowledge that the best quality is being put into circulation.

Furthermore, we support you in all questions regarding the maintenance of quality standards and as well the development of textile properties. Speak to us - we're happy to be at your service.

Textile quality management
down to the finest detail

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Our Service

- Raw materials inspection
- After treatment of meter goods
- Fabric inspection
- Ironing fastness
- Pilling test
- Scuffing test
- Seam slippage

- Fastness tests
- Colour sequences
- Wash and cleaning sample
- Skewing test
- Quality improvement of finished articles
- Storage
- Picking and dispatching